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About the company

«Zhaivir» Our facility covers more than 15,000 m2 of industrial premises in the heart of Ukraine – the Shpola, Cherkasy region. For over 70 years we have been writing history through our food.
The production of a variety of high-quality products provides jobs to the 260 employees in our plant. More than 150 types of products are manufactured in our 8 production workshops and tested in our own certified laboratory.
Each year we produce more than 3,500 tons of food! And that is just the beginning!
The Zhaivir trademark - a tradition of taste!
For 17 years we have been producing high-quality products from Ukrainian natural raw materials.
“Zhaivir” produces unique recipes across a wide range of product types that are loved in Ukraine and abroad:
sunflower halva;
puffed corn and rice;
sunflower, peanut, and sesame blends and brittles;
sweet toffee and candy bars with natural ingredients;
fructose sweets;
“Golden” chips;
curly snacks;
Quality is our number one priority.
Our company has its own food safety management system, which is compliant with ISO 22000. Our products are labeled with all the necessary information, with bright and lively branding.
Both in the summer and in the winter - we always have something to offer you from our range of sweet and salty snacks.
We’ve received many awards for our high quality products:
- Winner of the "Quality Triumph" award at the XII contest of "Sweet Triumph" confectionery competition.
- Winner of the "Mark of Quality" award on the TV channel "Inter";
- A "Excellent" score by the "Center for Independent Consumer Expertise."
In the last 17 years, “Zhaivir” products have become popular far beyond the borders of Ukraine. We export our products to the USA, Canada, Germany, Greece, Israel, Romania, the Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia, and Moldova.
“Zhaivir” has long been synonymous with undeniable quality and unforgettable taste, and a reputation as a reliable partner whom you can trust.
We value traditions, technological advancement, new product innovations, and building new partnerships!
Together let’s look to the future!