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Welcome to the updated site of PJSC “Shpolyansky Foodstuffs Plant”! Our company is located in the town of Shpola, Cherkasy region. We are focused on long-term relationships with each client, are interested in expanding the geography of product sales and in the qualitative construction of distribution.

Your reliable supplier

Shpolyansky Food Products Plant is an advanced enterprise that was formed back in 1944. For over 70 years we have been creating high-quality and natural food, specializing in the processing of agricultural products. Our products are famous for their unique taste and satisfy the most demanding consumer needs.

Such a balance is achieved thanks to advanced production, improvement of technology and the search for new flavor combinations. At our disposal:

8 production workshops;

own laboratory;

wonderful team.

We have earned a reputation as a reliable brand, the number of our partners with long-term relationships is growing rapidly.

We have earned a reputation as a reliable brand, the number of our partners with long-term relationships is growing rapidly.

In Ukraine, TM "Zhaivir" is present in the overwhelming majority of retail chains: ATB-Market, Metro, Auchan, Velika Kyshenya, Silpo, Furshet, Fora, Kray, Ekomarket "," Fresh Market "and many others, including in smaller regional networks. We also cooperate with online stores, for example, with such a large trading platform as Rozetka. We have been engaged in foreign economic activity for more than 17 years. Our products are present throughout Ukraine and are actively exported to the USA, Canada, Germany, Greece, Israel, Romania, Poland, Latvia, Moldova and other countries.

Product range

We are engaged in the processing of agricultural raw materials, produce a wide range of products. Our plant manufactures food products of different categories. Among them:

fructose sweets;

sunflower halva;

roast and kozinaki from sunflower seeds, peanuts, nuts, maize and rice air grains;

sweet toffee and bar with natural fillings;

Golden chips;

curly snacks;


mayonnaise with different calories, etc.

The company has an ISO 22000 quality control system and its own certified laboratory.

Each of the products has unique advantages in price, quality and appearance, so it quickly finds its buyer in stores.

Products are delivered in high-quality bright packaging, which has a modern attractive design, developed in different variations. It is marked in Ukrainian, Russian and English. If necessary, add additional information using stickers in the language of the importing country.

Balance of undeniable quality and unforgettable taste

Shpolyansky Food Products Plant makes the most of natural ingredients, without dyes, emulsifiers and preservatives - safe for the health of consumers. The quality of products is evidenced by numerous awards received by private company.

The products of TM “Zhaivir” were awarded several times in various kinds of tastings, competitions and exhibitions, namely:

victory in the program "Mark of Quality" on the TV channel "Inter";

“Excellent” rating at the Center for Independent Consumer Expertise;

Victory in the nomination "Quality Triumph" at the XII tasting contest of confectionery "Sweet Triumph".

Our brand has become synonymous with undeniable quality and unforgettable taste. This is the choice of those who value their health, prefer healthy sweets and snacks without synthetic preservatives.

Why is it profitable with us

Shpolyansky Food Products Plant invites partners who are looking for a reliable food manufacturer and want to buy snacks cheaply.

Choosing us, you get:

Consistently high quality goods.

Unique tastes and exclusive recipes developed by our specialists.

Profitable affiliate program.

Assistance in organizing logistics.

Guaranteed profit. Pricing allows you to create a sales price with a premium of 100% or more to the price of delivery.

Regularly updated assortment. We are constantly expanding the list of products, adding to it the most popular new products.

Our products have managed to win the hearts of many consumers, so the interaction with the plant will bring you success, ensuring a stable turnover during the year, the absence of large seasonal fluctuations in sales.

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us using the on-line feedback form or contact numbers.

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