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About “Jaivir”™


Shpola Food Enterprise, a Private Joint-Stock Company, is the proprietor of the trade mark “Jaivir” and is located in Shpola, the heart of Ukraine. Our Enterprise offers high quality products which bring pleasant moments to your friends and family. At the beginning of the new millennium we began the renovation of the Enterprise by implementing the quality control system known as ISO 9001:2000. As a result of such renovation we started the production of well known chips “Aro” introduced by world trading network “Metro”.

By improving our technologies and quality of products we can better demonstrate our care about you, the environment, and the future of Ukraine. The trade mark “Jaivir” was founded in 2001 by the initiative of the Enterprise′s administration, which realized the importance of positioning their own products, creating a proper image, and manufacturing high quality products in harmony with the clean environment of Shpola′s agricultural. “Jaivir”™ is greatly concerned about winning the loyalty of its consumers, thus stimulating the demand for and the popularity of our products.

The awards received by Shpola Food Enterprise, Private Joint-Stock Company, as well as the growing number of enterprise dealers, testify to the quality of our products.





Chips “Zolotysti”

Chips “Zolotysti”, with the merry lion on every packing, are one of the most popular among Ukrainians. The producer of this product (“Jaivir”™ Shpola Food Enterprise) keeps the traditions of chips-plates production by using dry mashed potatoes. The Enterprise has been carefully following the likings of consumers for 15 years and has chosen 15 flavors which are the most enjoyable to our compatriots.

We can confidently affirm that these chips are the thinnest among those sold in Ukraine. The International system of quality control, SO 9001-2000, introduced at our enterprise a few years ago, assures the irreproachable quality of our products. The chips of “Jaivir”™ are fried within 20 seconds which provides for maximum retention of healthy ingredients.

“Zolotysti” are available in a variety of flavors: bacon, ham, mushroom, red caviar, shrimp, dill and sour cream, chicken, salmon, huntings sausage, paprika, barbeque, fat with garlic, pizza, salami, cheese, and jellied meat with horse-radish.

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Chips “Tsentryachok”

High quality is traditionally attributed to the new brand of the chips “Tsentryachok”, produced mainly for the younger generation. Every pack contains a card with a joke that can cheer you up and make your day better. The price can also pleasantly surprise you. Additionally, these chips have improved packaging and a newly developed design.

Chips “Tsentryachok” have eight popular flavors chosen by its consumers. There are such kinds of flavor as: bacon, dill and sour cream, chicken, cheese, jellied meat with horse-radish, and barbeque.

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Grilyazhi and kozinaki

Our Kozinaki and Grilyazhi are made of sun flower seeds, sesame, peanuts, rice (“Shpolyanska Lasunka”) and corn (“Zolotysta Lasunka). Thanks to all of these ingredients the confectionary is delicious and healthy.

The wide assortment of products: Grilyazhi “Khorol′skyy new” (70 g, 200 g, 230 g), “Arakhisovyy” (70 g, 230 g), “Kunzhutnyy” (70 g), “Shpolyanska Lasunka” (25 g, 40 g, 100 g), “Zolotysta Lasunka” (25 g, 40 g, 100 g); Kozinaki “Sonyashnukovyy” (70 g), “Asortie” (150 g), “Kozinak with a peanut” (180 g, 200 g), “Kozinak with sesame” (200 g, 220 g).

Take care of your health and also the health of your family — buy confectionary made from a natural source!


Our Toffees have a delicate taste rich in milk. Natural fillings such as nuts or raisins make these toffees special. Known for their sweet taste, these toffees are meant for all occasions and liked by people of different age groups. Owing to their natural taste they are in constant demand by our clients.

The assortment of products: “Vershkovyy Luks” (40 g, 200 g), “Charivnyy gorishok” (40 g, 100 g, 200 g), “Vershkovyy z gorikhamy” (200 g), “Vershkovyy z rodzynkamy” (200 g), “Vershkovyy novyy” (40 g, 100 g, 200 g), “Vershkovyy novyy z gorikhamy” (200 g), “Chocoladnyy” (40 g, 100 g, 200 g).



Shpola mayonnaises are well-known among its consumers for over 20 years. Our mayonnaise is special, as so much of our heart and love is put into its production. All of the six recipes are uniquely created by specialists of our enterprise. Traditionally mayonnaise is made not only using a method of freezing the mixture, but also one which involves pasteurization according to a technological chart. This enables us to provide a longer term of storage, without the use of synthetic preservatives.

    Varieties of mayonnaise:
  • high-calorie (table of oil contents 67%) — “Provansal shpolyanskyy”, “Provansal 67”;
  • low-calorie (table of oil contents 40%) — “Provansal paryzhskyy”, “Provansal olyvkovyy”; (table of oil contents 30%) - “Provansal stolychnyy”, “Provansal Buterbrodnyy New”.
We don′t use the genetically modified raw material in the mayonnaises.

Dried crusts

The main difference between the crusts produced by Shpola Food Enterprise and our competitors is the unique manufacturing technology we use which guarantees a high quality product. These crusts have a positive influence on the digestive system. Instead of frying this product with vegetable butter, we carefully dry it.

The technology involved in creating crusts is a bit expensive as it requires more manual labor, but these efforts are appreciated by our customers. Dried crusts are in huge demand nowadays.

Today the trade mark “Jaivir” offers rye crusts with such flavors as bacon, salmon, mushroom, barbeque and salami.

Wheat crusts are also available in various flavors: cheese, dill and sour cream, and red caviar.

You can keep your entertainment (like watching TV or travelling) and nibble our dried crusts at the same time.

Dried crusts can be nourishing snacks!


Fried sunflower seed

“Zolotystyy sonyashnyk” is the selected sunflower seed. Sunflower seeds are a natural source of vitamin E which provides many health benefits. It protects one from tiredness and nervousness, restricts the chances of getting atherosclerosis and also protects one from the dangerous influence of radiation rays. Calorie content — 598 cal. The manufacture expiration date — 4 months from the date of production.

We can offer you salted and unsalted fried sunflower seeds.




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